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   Mink Lashes vs. Silk – Which is the Right One for You? [18/01/17 06:19AM]   
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Beautiful eyes, that is what every girl or woman yearns for her entire life. And one of the most important aspects of brightening the eye is the lashes – long,(if you prefer more amazing makeup,why not to buy 3D mink lashes ) dark and thick. Yes, that’s what every woman wants. Lashes could bowl over men and make other women fume with jealousy! But perfection is not something that anyone is endowed with. And hence, it happens more than often that we are not blessed with those long and thick lashes that we have ever dreamt of. To make things easier for women, cosmetic manufacturers have come up with an excellent option – eyelash extensions that help us get the exact look that we desire.
Mink lashes vs. silk
With time, eyelash extensions came to be available in a number of materials namely synthetic, mink, silk and sable. However, mink and silk are the two most commonly preferred materials when it comes to lash extensions. They are safe to use, comfortable for the eyes and also do not require animal slaughter. Though both may appear to be same to a layman, yet for those of you willing to try out extensions seriously, knowing the difference between the two is really crucial which is exactly why, we will, point out the mink lashes vs. silk difference here.
Faux mink lashes
Faux mink lashes are made of poly fiber.
They are extremely lightweight and thus ideal for those who are looking for more comfortable options to enhance their beauty.
These eyelash extensions require very less maintenance and can be worn without worry for quite long.
The curls in these lashes do not wear out easily, and the wearer needn’t add mascara or curl them. Mink lashes are actually considered to be permanent.
Though synthetic, faux mink lashes possess that silky, soft and fine texture, the very reason why original mink lashes are famous.
However, unlike the original mink lashes, faux mink doesn’t lose its curl if you wet it by mistake.
They are quite shiny, much more than the silk lashes, giving your eyes a glossy feel.

Silk lashes

Silk lashes, on the other hand, are medium weight.
They are porous and soft in nature, thereby offering a better retention property.
The silk lashes aren’t as uniform as their counterparts, and that is obviously one of the reasons why they are preferred for a natural look.
They are thicker than mink lashes (and synthetic ones as well) and are perfect for making your lashes look thick and plush black.
They are not as comfortable to wear as mink lashes and thus are recommended only for special events or occasions.
To sum up,
(click here to see more what you prefer wanna learn ) both silk and mink lashes have their own set of features for which they are widely preferred by makeup artists and lash extension experts. But the final decision is always yours. Choose what will suit you best – the occasion, the comfort factor that you are looking for, the effort that you want to put in and the money that you want to spend. Once you have decided that, the number of options are far too many.


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